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TAS Alliance member Corporate Housing Factory Celebrates 5th birthday

Corporate Housing Factory, one of the Netherland’s leading serviced apartment providers serving corporate clients only, announced that this year marks the company’s fifth anniversary since the successful management buyout of Vesteda in 2013.

In celebration of the organization’s successes of the past 5 years, Corporate Housing Factory has launched a magazine this month, the Corporate Housing Special. The glossy magazine was published by Zuidas Publishers and features 60 pages of company history, industry news, impressions of new projects and tips for corporate travellers and expats in the Netherlands. Readers can also get to know the Corporate Housing Factory team and their success factors.


It is Corporate Housing Factory’s fifth year as a company, but it is also a new beginning. Apart from the fact that the business has grown and changed enormously, the world – and the mobility industry in particular – is ever-evolving. A theme such as sustainable building is becoming increasingly important and there has been made room in the magazine’s pages to celebrate this.

Corporate Housing Factory currently manages 8 properties in the main Dutch cities; Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, and Eindhoven – with more to come across the Netherlands. With an excellent business climate, the Netherlands keeps on attracting many multinational companies and business travellers, resulting in a high demand for corporate accommodation.

Michael Berendsen, director/owner of Corporate Housing Factory, says:

“It is hard to believe that five years have passed since we could spread our wings and start Corporate Housing Factory by taking over Vesteda’s corporate housing department. But when I look at what we have accomplished, it is hard to believe that we have done so much in only five years.”

Jouke Baaima, co-director and owner, adds:

“It has been a great ride with lots of amazing people. Even if the road is bumpy at times we’ve persevered by keeping in mind our passion to transform the serviced apartment industry and providing our residents with a place that they can call home.”

About Corporate Housing Factory

Corporate Housing Factory, headquartered in Amsterdam, is one of the fastest growing corporate housing companies, offering comfortably located serviced apartments throughout the Netherlands. Our concept offers today’s corporate clients and business travellers a pleasant home combined with the service and comfort of a luxurious hotel. The stylish apartments are geared specifically to guests arriving with toiletries and clothing only; The apartments are fully furnished, combined with services and facilities regarding comfort and relaxation. Ideal for a temporary stay in the Netherlands, at which everything is taken care of in detail. We believe in creating a true “feeling at home” experience and we will take care of you or your employees from the moment they arrive in the Netherlands.

For more information, please contact:

Eva Valkhoff  or   +31(0)88 1169 506